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A banner for my Facebook group and Blog Saturday Mornings Forever. This will be up on December 2015 in time for Star Wars 7, and will cover all space-themed programs that aired on Saturday.

Using my Star Trek animated banner as a base, I extended the background and added in the other elements from various shows, trying to get a thorough representation of the many programs that will fit in this category. Using the Star Wars font for the month's title, I just added the tilt to give it that full effect.
A banner for my Facebook group and Blog Saturday Mornings Forever. This will cover the month of May 2015 featuring cartoons based on Marvel Comics properties that aired on Saturday.

While it may look like the Marvel logo at first glance, eagle-eyed observers will notice some differences in the lettering. Since the font Marvel uses for its current logo is $40 (which I wasn't paying for most likely a one-time use), I tracked down the closest-looking free font I could find and modified the spacing and letter sizes to get it to how the logo is.

The symbols on the bottom were mostly the result of a Google search. The best one for Spidey I could find, surprisingly, was a black and white one that I colorized. I also colorized Hulk, X-Men and Avengers. The Spider-Woman symbol I made myself from a square version I found, and the Silver Surfer logo I had taken off issue #111 from the 1990s. They're laid out in order of first appearance on Saturday, discounting any appearances from THE MARVEL SUPER HEROES in 1966.


United States
Originally starting out as an artist/writer, Chris graduated to strictly writing due to a decreasing amount of free time and the discovery he was just better at it. Though he had been making comics of some kind for most of his life, his first foray into comics came in 2005 when he joined the staff of the Spider-Man fan site Spiderfan as a reviewer. Colleague Robert J. Sodaro then introduced him to the Comicbook Artists Guild in 2006, a national networking organization that brings creators of all levels together.

Chris' first publication break came with CAG's 7th anthology issue. Then-president Keith J. Murphey approached Chris about finishing off the origin of the group's mascot, Commander CAG, as well as adapting a story he submitted to fit a character Murphey co-created for an earlier issue.

In 2007, Chris joined the online blog dedicated to books, Estella's Revenge, as their comic writer and reviewer. He also joined with 215ink and did advanced reviews for several indy comics, as well as weekly reviews of the week's new releases.

In 2008, Chris' first editorial credit came into play when he was invited by Phil Clark to be part of Iconic, CAG's all-ages anthology focusing on historic and public domain characters. Chris also ended up writing a unifying Grandpa bumper story conceived with Murphey for the book. Sodaro helped Chris fulfill a life-long dream of working for Marvel by recommending him for writing duties on Marvel's new Official Index series; on which several Spiderfan staffers also worked. Chris was asked to audition to be the replacement writing on Guild Works Productions' Hell's Blood series by creator Hector Rodriguez. He ended up co-writing the second issue with Liam Webb due to both their submissions being coincidentally similar.

In 2009, Chris became the publication coordinator for CAG and proceeded to head up the next issue of Iconic, their first prose anthology Worlds Beyond, and the return of their regular anthology series with a new name and format. Chris was also made editor-in-chief of the reorganized GWP, now called Guild Works Publications, and is helping to oversee their pin-up book Best Shots, their zombie anthology Worst Case Scenario: Outbreak, and Hell's Blood, of which he will also continue to write.

Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY
Favourite genre of music: Freestyle & 80s
Favourite style of art: Old-school superhero
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: One that works
Many of those following my page, or who have visited frequently, have seen in the last 2 years I have posted a number of banners involving various Saturday morning TV shows. These banners, changed out every week, are meant to adorn not only my personal Facebook page, but my Facebook group Saturday Mornings Forever where I try to get people reminiscing about a formerly magical day when all we had to worry about was what cereal to eat while watching TV.

A year after starting my Facebook group, I decided to try and turn the concept into a book. Sure, there have been books that chronicle every TV show ever made, or every cartoon ever made, or even tried to pretend they were about Saturday morning television while actually being a sermon on the decline of quality on TV, but, as far as I've seen, never really been a book DEDICATED strictly to Saturday morning programming.

But, here I am, plugging away at these entries for a good year and making very slow progress. See, I love special features. I love the background of things. So, my entries are not only about the show, but as much information BEHIND the show as I can find. So, there's a lot of research involved. And then I love episode guides, so finding ones I can cultivate from as well as accurate airdates is also a bit more research. As such, I tried to speed up the process by working with shows with low episode counts. As progress gets made, I get antsy about showing off what I've done to the world. After much deliberation and some advice, I found a solution to that:

A blog.

That's right, to build up interest in my eventual book as well as get some immediate feedback on what I've been doing, I've started an official SMF blog. Updated regularly every Saturday, I discuss the TV shows and anything else I can think of related to Saturday morning. So, if you're a Saturday morning lover as well (especially if you've been liking my various banners), head on over and check out my blog. And feel free to submit any feedback...all is welcome!


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FelixToonimeFanX360 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
Hi, guy. My name is FelixToonimeFanX360!
I've already watched you, because I like too Saturday Morning Cartoon!^^
Can you do a Saturday Morning Forever banner for my favorite show: "Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat"?
WOLVERINE25TH Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
It's on my TO DO list. Since I began the SMF blog my focus has been more on that than making the banners, but I do whip up a banner as I get to a particular show for the Facebook editions.

Unfortunately, Felix isn't scheduled for this year, but if I have extra time I'll see what I can cobble together.
FelixToonimeFanX360 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
I understand.
Toongod Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
You should do a Saturday Mornings Forever banner for Pee-Wee's Playhouse
WOLVERINE25TH Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
It's coming. These banners are done randomly on the basis of A) what pops into my head, B) the availability of decent images to work from, and C) how much time I have to dedicate to making images decent if they don't already exist.
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Hey thanks for watching my old DA account smilemadeofsun, I have a current one that I made about a year ago, please feel free to add me on here as well! Thanks again!!

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Thanks for watching!
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Thanks for all the favs, Chris.
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